I started playing football at age 7, and I'm still representing #14 on the field

Me and my sister with Olympic Gold Medalist Butch Reynolds (400M one of my fave races)

Being a leader/role model and giving back to the next generation of players is important to me 

My performance in the classroom is just as important  as my performance on the filed/track.

Being invited and participating in the best    camps across the country is a privilege

When I was a little kid, all I wanted to do was become a veterinarian or take over Jack Hannah's job at the Columbus Zoo. I loved science and was fascinated with all animals (especially dinosaurs). I remember in 2nd grade doing a report on the Okapi. Not many people had even heard of the animal. Even the librarian had to look it up - lol.

When I turned 7, my dad signed me up for a football league close to my elementary school. That was my first exposure to playing sports. From the moment I put on my uniform and took to the field with my new teammates/friends while our parents and families yelled and cheered from the sidelines, I was hooked. I played every position in little league, but loved catching the ball and running into the end zone. I didn't even know I could run that fast.

By the time I was able to play sports for my middle school (Groveport Madison North), I started honing my skills as a wide receiver and joined the track team. Each year I got better, stronger and faster. Our 8th grade team went undefeated that year. And while I wasn't as "big" as some of the other kids in middle school, in 8th grade I hit a growth spurt. I was tall and considered one of the fastest kids in school.

My freshman year at Groveport Madison High School was epic! Not only did the freshman football team play well (We lost 1 game and tied another), I was able to anchor the 4x4 relay that finished 6th in the state and set a new school record.

I transferred to Pickerington North High School during my sophomore year. I was nervous about going to a new school and leaving my friends and the sports programs I had been a part of since middle school. But the move turned out to be a great fit for me. I was able to fit right into the academic and athletic programs at Pick North. My junior year, I had a breakout football season, contributing to our 2020 OCC Ohio Football Championship win. I also had a great track season and contributed to our 2021 Division I State Championship.

I was looking forward to my senior year and doing even greater things on the field. I was selected as team captain and charged with leading my teammates. Unfortunately, while attending a prospect camp at Marshall University (the weekend after I participated in the state track meet) I tore my ACL. 

Of course I am super disappointed not to be able to play my senior year, but I'm keeping my head up and focusing on my recovery. And even though I'm not playing on the field, I'm still in the game! The coach has made me a junior coach, so I still attend every practice, workout, game/film review, and game. I'm still helping, leading, encouraging, and pushing my team this year.

My surgeon says I'm about 3 weeks ahead of schedule in my recovery and my range of motion. He believes I will be back stronger than ever! I'm looking forward to having a strong track season this spring and using the season to get me ready for the field in the fall.