"14 Weeks Post Op. Still getting stronger every day and starting to feel like me again. I've been cleared to work with the team trainer and it feels good to be in pads and back on the practice field with the team doing catching drills. Don't sweat the jersey, it was the only number I could find." - lol

While participating at a prospect camp at Marshall University, I tore my ACL. I jumped for a pass, caught the ball, and was hit by another player on my way down, causing me to land in an awkward position. It was the last play of the day and a great catch. I had no idea at the time that I tore my ACL.

Of course, I'm super disappointed about not being able to play my senior year. I was team captain and ready for a great season. My coach has made me a "Junior Coach." so I'm still involved every day. It's hard not to be on the field playing and catching balls, but I love the game and am taking advantage of the opportunity to continue to learn and help and encourage my teammates as much as I can. I'm keeping my head up and focusing on my recovery and playing football beyond high school. 

My surgeon says I'm about 3 weeks ahead in my recovery and range of motion. I'm back to running, jumping, and working on strengthening my knee and hamstring. I'm also back in the gym, working on my upper body and gaining my weight back (175). My doctor is sure I'll be back to my sports stronger than ever and ready to compete. 

I'm looking forward to having a strong track season this spring and using track to get me back in shape, get my legs stronger, and get ready for football  conditioning to get back on the field in the fall.

"Even though I'm not playing on the field, I'm still in the game and still helping, leading, encouraging and pushing my team!"

From Team Captain to Junior Coach, I'm still committed to my team and doing what I can to help, lead, encourage, and push my team this year.